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Our Expertise

Universal Sales and Marketing is a full-service retail company that offers excellent customer care and a highly experienced sales team in order to meet the needs of our manufacturers and customers. We are present in retail and convenience locations around the Mid-West and strive for retail excellence in all of the projects that we are involved in. 
Strategy & Organization

The Universal Sales and Marketing account managers will work one on one with every manufacturer and company to guarantee outstanding sales goals and numbers are met. They are more than willing to work with each business to redesign a sales strategy or marketing platform. 

Projects and Resets

Universal Sales is home to a 40 member retail merchandising team. With an employment average of five years, each team member is trained one on one by our experienced trainers to ensure that the highest quality of customer care is reached. 


Our well-trained team is expected to execute each and every planogram to the highest level of satisfaction. 



Sales Management 

The sales team for Universal Sales and Marketing is primarily comprised of the owners of the business. This creates a unique experience for the manufacturers and customers, as the owners are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the highest level of customer care is exceeded. 


Once a sales plan has been established and sales goals have been met, Universal Sales and Marketing will sustain the momentum that each and every company has reached. With new and improved sales tactics and goals, every client will exceed their sales potential. 


Universal Sales and Marketing employs around 40 merchandisers in order to exceed the expectations of our retail clients. They endure a high-intensity probationary period to ensure that they excel in all areas of merchandising in both the convenience and retail store environments. 


Our merchandisers are trained to support with planograms, product movement, sign displays, promotional visuals and more. 

Customer Development

Universal Sales and Marketing is prepared to grow with your company. As we expand, we are able to provide our customers and manufacturers with more opportunities. We will ensure that you are provided with the best products on the market and our manufacturers are given the most effective sales team possible. 


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